Water Bottle Ice Cube Trays (Set of 2)

Water Bottle Ice Cube Trays (Set of 2)

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22 reviews for Water Bottle Ice Cube Trays (Set of 2)

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  1. Marissa Lopez

    Excellent product. Great quality and feel.

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  2. Ryan Leland

    Love the shape and size, perfect for my kids’ bottles!

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  3. Flora Coste

    Works well. Will buy more.

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  4. Gwenda Kenyon

    The ice fits in water bottles easily. The trays are simple to get the ice out. No struggle like the old plastic or aluminum ones.

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  5. Dylan Hannigan

    Good quality.

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  6. Margarete Raymundo

    Great! These work for water, pop, juice, etc bottles well. Keeps the drinks cold.

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  7. Rudolf Dallas

    Found this product very ingenius. Works well for its purpose. Made perfect cylinder ice chunks. Perfect for a water bottle. Easy to release. Great value!

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  8. Hilda Gaspari

    Does exactly what it’s supposed to do. There’s no problem removing the ice; just place the top part on the bottom and separate the bottom part from the top part. The ice will be on the top cover side. Then give a little twist and then they will be easy to remove.

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  9. Adriana Raneri

    After cleaning them thoroughly with very hot water before using, the ice seems to pop out very easily. I know sometimes ice in silicone trays can become hard to pop out, but so far these work wonderfully. I love to have them to put in my water bottles when regular ice cubes won’t fit.

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  10. Joyce Abramson

    Really like these water bottle sized ice trays! Fills up easily, and freeze the water into ice just the right size to pop out and put into our water bottles. Very pleased we got them!

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  11. Keith Lee

    The order came, satisfied, odorless, the track was traced.

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  12. Maura Brisbois

    I personally liked these trays to make coffee cubes for my iced coffee in the summertime, this makes it more easy and convenient to make the “ice sticks” for my beverages.

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  13. Braden Chambers

    Super easy release. Great quality product.

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  14. Camilla Thompson

    Love the shape these make. Ice tubes slide right out. These are perfect for hydro flask! Trays are easy to handle and fill quick!

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  15. Sophie Camohanan

    The ice sticks are great. They come out easily and fit the water bottle wonderfully. Just a bit difficult to carry water-filled trays to the freezer without spilling some, but generally, great item!

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  16. Stephan Griffin

    Love these. Super easy to use. The ice comes out in a perfect stick. I haven’t had one break yet.

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  17. Federica Tarantino

    Item exactly as described and very good quality. Superb for ice to go to your bottle of water. Thanks

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  18. Noah Shearer

    Item exactly as described and very good quality. Superb for ice to go to your bottle of water. They are a must-have!

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  19. Rosa Herbertson

    Very nice product. Happy to have these.

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  20. Sherri Johnson

    Great solution to an annoying problem! They’re easy to use, fill, open, remove the ice sticks, everything. They aren’t super at stacking unless they’re on a flat surface (we put them on top of the regular ice trays) but they’re not awful either. I would absolutely recommend this product!

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  21. Aaron Millhouse

    I liked the flexible bottom which makes it easy to pop out individual ice pieces.

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  22. Mitchell Brown

    I love my water bottle water extremely cold. These are great!

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